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Forex Mini Account

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Forex Mini Account

In Forex trading, there are mainly 3 common account types which are Forex mini account, normal or regular account and lastly, premium account. Nowadays, some of the people tend to sign up for a Forex mini account in order to trade in Forex because mini account tends to suit the need and requirement of a Forex trader with a smaller capital. In this article, we shall examine some of the factors why some people prefer to trade using a Forex mini account and what are the pros and cons of a Forex mini account.

First of all, the origin of the Forex mini account is not really known even by some of the financial analysts. However, all of the Forex mini accounts share a few similar attributes where a mini account usually requires less than 2000USD to sign up and a Forex mini account usually is a high leverage account.
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Normally, the main reason why people would prefer Forex mini account is because Forex mini account needs very little capital in order to trade in Forex market. This proves to be very attractive to first timers in Forex trading because through mini account, they can always try out the excitement and adrenaline rush in the volatile Forex trading. In addition to that, through Forex mini account, they do not need to pull out as much capital as a regular account yet, they can still enjoy the profit gained from currency trading, many thanks to the wonders of leveraging in the Forex account. Besides that, a mini account in Forex is always a very good way for Forex traders to slowly build up their confidence in currency trading before moving onto a bigger picture in the Forex market.

In all of the trading, be it stock exchange or currency exchange, the most important attitude the investor needs to have is discipline. The discipline here is actually referring to trading discipline. Even if an investor is capable of making the right investment, if he doesn't maintain a stable and constant trading discipline, he may earn less than he should be, or in worst case, he may even lose the profit he earned. In Forex trading, when an investors starts to lose money in the investment, they will become more emotional in their judgment and because of that, they will try and keep onto the currency with a hope that it will bounce back right up. This normally, is one of the most common pitfalls for new timers in Forex trading. Because of this reason, Forex mini account is always a very good alternative for new investors in the Forex market to slowly develop their discipline in Forex trading where they will not judge by their emotion and know where to pull off during their investment in the Forex market.

Aside from the facts mentioned above, Forex mini account sometimes can be somewhat deceiving. This is due to the reason where even though a Forex mini account only requires very little capital, the leverage option in a Forex mini account will still cost the investor quite a huge sum of capital if the investor ever suffers a loss in his trading. The reason this is happening because in order for a small sum of capital to earn a decent profit, the leverage in the Forex mini account will be relatively high, commonly pinned around 1:100 - 1:200. Therefore, Forex traders must always has more than the required capital before he starts to trade in the Forex market with a mini account because in the unpredictable world of Forex, we may not know when or where a slump may happen, therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry.

In short, after looking through some of the reasoning behind choosing a Forex mini account, it can always be said where regardless of what the type of investment is, we must always be aware about the whole situation and not let our judgment clouded by greed and profits.

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