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No matter you are a technical or fundamental Forex trader, you can never ignore the impact of news towards the currency movement. We have seen fluctuation more than 200 pips just for a single news released. Read as much as you can, you lose nothing by reading more.

Forex News

Reputable Forex portal with Forex News, Forex Research, Forex Analysis, Forex Articles and much more. A simple resourceful forex website. The site has recently being redesigned, the layout is even better than it used to be, not forget to mention this Forex website now load much faster.

Latest news in Chinese. Highly recommended for those who can read Chinese. News is posted in the website extremely fast (within few seconds after the official release) for major release. Also including Forex Calendar and other Forex related tools. One of the best Forex website.

Bloomberg has always been very good in financial related news. Anyway, news released in their website is rather slow comparing those subscribing to their terminal which cost thousand of dollar. Besides that, their website has lot's of pop ups. Anyway, on major economic release, read their news on the expectation few hours prior to the release, it can be helpful for your forex trading for the day.

MSN Money
Previously known as CNBC, which providing very good indication or prediction on major USA economic release. Also include news by Reuters.

Yahoo!Top Stories
Major Forex news from several sources. You will be able to read Forex News from different regions, save much of your time from searching Forex News.

Partnered with OANDA, provides Forex news, Forex commentary and Forex analysis. There are lot's of news out there, FX 4CAST only deliver the relevant news to you. This has made them one of the prominent news resource.

FX Street
Another dedicated site for Forex. They gathered Forex news from various sources. Also with lot's of commentary, forecast, signal available for free. But don't put too much expectation on their Free Forex forecast or Forex signal. There is no free lunch in this world, especially in the Forex market.

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